Parenting Styles Quiz

Parenting styles quiz

Although parents may differ in how they try to control or socialize their children and the extent to which they do so, it is assumed that the primary role of all parents is to influence, guide, teach and control their children. We call this socialization.

The method of how a parent attempts to influence, teach and control their children is called their parenting style. The following eleven parenting styles can be effective on one or more levels on a very short term basis however, these are considered "ineffective parenting styles" because they are prone to lead to bad behavior, attitudes and beliefs.

The first step I recommend you take is to identify your primary ineffective parenting style. Hopefully, most of your interactions with your problem child are benign (no yelling, arguing, abusive language or violence). But, when communication breaks down and your well-meaning intentions as a parent are being thwarted by defiant behavior you'll need to identify exactly what goes on in the confrontation…start to finish. Don't worry if you recognize yourself in more than a few "ineffective parenting profiles". Few parents fit just one style 100%.

I've witnessed eleven different ineffective parenting approaches during the years that I've worked with children and families. Here's my list. It is by no means comprehensive. But, I believe that most parents who experience "out of control" children will recognize their style in one or more of the profiles I've described. After you complete the survey your predominant Parenting Style will be highlighted. You'll also be able to see the profile for other Parenting Styles.

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